Lean Philosophy

Lean is the pursuit of the total elimination of waste.

What is waste? We can categorize waste in seven forms:

  1. Over Production: Producing more than is needed before it is needed.
  2. Waiting: People waiting for information, materials, tools, machines…
  3. Transportation: Excessive movement of people product, materials, information…
  4. Inappropriate Processing: Using ineffective processes, procedures, systems, tools…
  5. Unnecessary Inventory: excessive storage of materials, products, information, data…
  6. Unnecessary Motion: Any motion of people or machines that does not add value to the product or the process
  7. Defects: Any errors, rework, scrap in products, paper work, data…

Waste is eliminated using a philosophy of continuous improvement and techniques that identify and remove wasteful processes.

Creating Value

"Value" is defined as any action or process that a customer would be willing to pay for. How do we create value for you?

It is the intent of Valley Powdercoat Ltd to supply exactly what our customers want when they want it, with the maximum possible value. Adding value for you may come in the form of us taking on your assembly work, or having us package your parts for direct shipment to your customer. There are many opportunities to save your company time and resources and we welcome you to bring any of your processing challenges to us.



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